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SynScan mount and EQMod problem ?


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I seem to have a problem with my HEQ6 Synscan GOTO mount when using EQMod with an EQDIR adapter. I level my mount and do polar alignment using EQMod.

I then start my alignment routine using Stelarium and also tried Cartes Du Ciel, the alignment stars are miles off and take a lot of finding.

After sync on 4 or 5 starts as a quick test, I reselect the first alignment star and select slew in the software. The star is way off in the field of view or nowhere to be seen. I use a 30mm eyepiece to start the alignment and switch to a 12mm illuminated reticle to centre the star and sync.

After an 8 star alignment last night I was still miles off anything when selected and using slew in the software. I centred Betelgeuse in the illuminated reticle and it noticeably drifted off quite fast to the SE corner of the eyepiece and then out of the field of view.

The tracking is set to sidereal, the mount is level and polar alignment seems good, I’m using a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista and the ASCOM and EQMod files/drivers are all upto date.

If I use the V2.x SynScan handset the alignment starts are quite close to the centre of field of view. After alignment most GOTO operations are at or near the centre of the field of view, and when tested Betelgeuse stayed in the centre of the illuminated reticle for over ten minutes.

Any ideas as I’m at a loss, was hoping to use the EQDIR with Stelarium or CDC for GOTO operations and PHD guiding at the same time.

I am sure many people are using this or a very similar configuration.:D

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may be an issue with the older V2 handcontroller/ motor driver firmware?

Try posting over on the Y! group EQMOD - they are very helpfull.

(I use the NEQ6pro, Synscan V3, CdC and QHY5/PHD guiding but through the handcontroller not EQMOD)

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