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Are my coordinates correct

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Damm, I've got no idea what's wrong with my mount then. I get it all setup and do my polaralign.

Everything looks ok, untill I try the 2 star align. Its slews to completley the wrong area of the sky for both stars. After manually slewing the the two stars it still says 'alignment successfull' but when I choose a 'goto' star (Polaris) it puts it in a completly different place.

This is where it slewed to for Polaris (This is just an example, some where even further out!)



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Yes, I always make sure thats correct.

This is my setup if it helps. Latitude is set to 52deg and its all balanced correctly.

This is a bit of a silly question but does it matter how i slew to the alignment stars?

When I look through the polar scope it's the is only bright star that I see, that must be polaris, right?

Is there anything in the menus I need to change?


I've also added a picture of what the mount looks like after I've done the polar alignment and in the home position (with the weight bar facing the floor and in line with the north leg)




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Went out with the scope again yesterday and I was having the same problems.

One glimmer of hope though, the 'needs charging' light came on on my celestron powertank.

Is it possible that insufficient power could be the cause of the problems? would it cause such erratic behaviour with alignment?

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Another small one to clarify, you are in timezone = 0.00 aren't you?

The system chops the planet into 15 degree segments and we are 0. Just wondering if the default is the Pacific area and needs changing.

Other obvious one being DST = OFF, well until Sunday.

Power usually results in the scope slewing all over the place, not usually to the wrong place.

Is the time saved?

Do you have to enter as 12 hours with AM/PM or as 24 hour?

It will something small and daft when you find it.

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Hi capricorn,

Yes the time zone is +00.00 on the handset. I enter the 24 hour time, it then confirms the time as AM/PM.

I really can think what it is. I'm sure my polar alignment is correct. Even after slewing and confirming my alignment stars it still goes to the wrong place when I attempt a goto.

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Stupid one but any chance that it thinks it is on an Alt/Az mount?

Ask as I had a Meade that decided it was on an EQ mount when it was very, very firmly atached to an Alt/Az mount and as best I know had never been on an EQ mount in it's life, and certainly was not on one the last time I used it.

It went to strange places.

I had to clear the handset and re-enter everything again to get it back. I couldn't locate the setting in the menu to tell it that it was an Alt/Az scope, so it all went.

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Had the battery on charge all day. Didn't make a difference though. Did a factory reset too. The dec motors have stopped working now too. I'm going to contact flo tomorrow to see what they say. I bought it off them as an 'open box', the original person returned it saying it was faulty, but flo sent it to the manufacturer and they said it was fine.

I guess it probably is faulty. Really fed up now, i haven't had 4 clear nights in a row since starting the hobby and I haven't been able to enjoy one of them.

[removed word]!

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