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First Light


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It is the first clear night since the arrival of my (second hand) C6 NGT. I set up the scope on the tripod and left it to cool for about 30 mins. Once it was properly dark I set about trying to align it for the first time. I found it quite difficult to get it lined up on Polaris, partly due to unfamiliarity with the scope and partly because I was removing and replacing my specs as I tried to peer through the polar axis.

Eventally things were roughly lined up. I soon realised how many obstructions (roofs, trees, etc) there are round my garden. Orion was totally obscured behind trees.

Eventually Saturn appeared low in the south east rising above some trees in the medium distance. Using a 20mm pl with and without a 2x barlow gave me some nice views of the planet, it rings and Titan.

I then tried a webcam for the first time. Focussing proved critical and rather difficult but I was pleased to see a very shaky image.

By 10.00 pm I was happy but getting colder so called an end to my firt night's observations.


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Nice report.

It's true it's not until you try to find targets that you realise how many obstructions there are around our gardens. Still with a bit of patience waiting for objects to play beek-a-boo we usually get there in the end.

BTW like your pic., well done.

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Very nice first picture. Regarding polar alignment: When observing visually, I cannot be bothered with precise alignment. Just leave the polar axis altitude setting to your location on earth (53 deg for me), level the tripod, and point the polar axis north, so it aligns more-or less with Polaris. If the scope is well balanced, so the motor does not have to work too hard, this coarse alignment keeps objects in the FOV for 15 minutes or more. This means I can be up and running very quickly. Only for photography do I align it more accurately.

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