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Hello from Stockport


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Good evening. Thought I'd write a few words of introduction.

Bought a Skywatcher Explorer 130P SupaTrak AUTO from a local shop in Sale, Manchester with some unexpected Christmas bonus money.

In spite of the many many streetlights around here, particularly next to the garden (air rifle anyone?) myself and the family have been enjoying looking around at the sky with the telescope.

Tonight has been a pretty clear sky, so we were out in the garden again, and with a bit of teamwork we were able to get a lovely view of the planet Saturn. My wife's night vision is noticeably better than mine, so she had the job of actually finding it in the first place. With the Stellerium computer program, and a compass, I was able to work out where it should be, but I needed her finger pointing up at it to actually spot it. Then Matt (14 y/o) got the knack of the red dot finder, and was able to get the scope actually on target. Then finally I was allowed to be useful, with centering the image, focussing, and stepping from the 25mm, to the 10mm eye piece, and finally the 10mm with the 2x barlow - only losing the image once in the process!

The result was a wonderful view of the planet. In case you are wondering we can confirm it really does have what look like rings! And Matt even spotted what we're pretty sure was Titan.

We have seen lots of astronomy on TV - but tonight it was really great to actually see Saturn with our own eyes :D

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Cyteen - I think you and I are in parallel lives right now. My story almost exactly the same as yours.. but minus the wife (Shes already in Kenya) and kids..

Agreed: Stockport not the best viewing base.. especially if you live near Edgeley Park.. gah!


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Hi Cyteen and welcome to the forum.

Great story and it's nice to read about how useful a team effort can be in locating this great planet - but there will be more to see. Although I do have this feeling that it might have looked like a scene from a round of It's A Knock Out minus Stewart Halls laughter and I trust you played your joker for extra points.

Well if anything that's showed my age! Again a successful mission was had and on to the next one,

Clear skies


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