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Deep Rosette (Hybrid 8300 on 8" F/2.8)


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Here's the final, processed image - a Hybrid combination of 2 hours of Ha (for luminance) from the new (first light) SBIG ST8300M, with 2 hours of TGB from my good old SBIG ST8300C - through the F2.8 Powernewt - all riding an EQ6 on a high deserted hill out in the Negev desert. Altogether, this is a total of 48 five min. exposures (4 hours).

I have added the link to higher resolution images, which I am quite sure you'd like to see:

- 1200 pixels wide: http://www.pbase.com/boren/image/133327205

- full frame, 2686 pixels wide: http://www.pbase.com/boren/image/133335671

I am also adding an image we've taken of our two scopes at work, under a desert starlit sky: http://www.pbase.com/boren/image/133195339/large

I do hope you like them, and any comments are, as always, very welcome!


Harel :D


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Thanks all!

I am happy the 3D feeling came through to you too :-)

About the F2.8 kit - It's soon to go a major upgrade,as next week I will be doing the first light session with the Carbon-Fiber PowerNewt (all other carbon-fiber sessions were done with a prototype, which had to undergo many, many, many runs back and forth to manufacturing...).

I hope to be sharing images from that kit soon.



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The image is truly world class. The extreme contrasts in the nebula do indeed give it an outstanding three dimensionality and the tiny cluster stars give a better impression of the scale of the nebula. Lovely stuff. I'm glad the Ha/OSC worked well. I've done quite a bit of this as well. It's a good way to work apart from the cost of two cameras!


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Olly, Rich, Wener, guys,

Thanks for these nice words - I am really happy you liked it.

Olly, I am still unsure whether I'll keep us with this configuration. The need to switch cameras (and the re-focus, etc.) is a pain in the neck in its own right. However, the result was so good this time, that I think I'll need a few more trials to make up my mind...



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