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Filters for imaging - 6nm Ha or 12nm Ha?


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I am looking at getting a narrowband Ha filter. It will be an Astronomik Eos clip filter and they are available in either 12nm or 6nm. I know that the 6nm is almost double the price of the 12nm, but am happy to stretch to that if I feel it's worth the extra.

I'm not really sure whether I'd see the benefits of the 6nm over the 12nm. I am eventually looking at also getting a OIII or UHC as well.

So can any one suggest which would be better and why?

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I had a similar discussion on a previous thread and was advised to go for a narrower one rather than a wider one on the grounds that a wider one does not let in any more Ha, just more noise from the wavelengths around it ... at least, I'm pretty sure that was the point.


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