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2nd attempt at Saturn with SPC webcam


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Well I managed to get out again last night and make the most of the cloudless skies. Initially I was messing about with the DSLR trying to get a first attempt at a DSO - M51 in this case as it was pretty much overhead at the time. As that was a dismal failure (unsurprising with an Alt-Az mount and unsure tracking) I gave up and went for Saturn which was rising nicely.

I'm really pleased with this for a second attempt as I've managed to get Cassini and some storm detail. All in all I managed to get sharpcap to capture 6mins 39 seconds of Saturn dancing with the cam through the standard skywatcher barlow at 640x480 - 10fps.

I'm still not much use with Registax so I reckon there's more to be had out of this particular capture - All part of the fun and learning curve though !

I might go for a 3x TAL and mod the focusser with the plumbing part to see if I can get a better fine focus.

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Hi Martin and thankyou - I'm using Sharpcap to capture the frames and Registax to stack the result. I have a quick play with the wavelets in Registax, nothing scientific just by visual and thats about it.

As I'm new to imaging there's a fair amount of guesswork on my behalf. I'm keeping all my captures so when I've got a bit more of a clue I can have a go with them again.

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Thanks for the info. I find the learning curve a little easier if I can emulate the success of others and it seems to avoid some of the pitfalls by learning from other people's mistakes.

In the meantime, keep guessing. You're doing a great job!

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great image mate, better than my attempts at saturn. I have just bought a 2x barlow (but not had chance to use yet ,dam clouds) and have a similar scope, thanks for posting, images like these really show what a 127 mak is capable in the right hands. If i manage to capture saturn as good as yours with my 2x barlow i will be more than happy. Keep up the good work


Ben :D

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Thanks for all the comments.

I thought you might like to see exactly the same capture but re-processed using much higher wavelet settings, I was fairly aggressive with them all. Kind of resembling an old graphic equaliser :D

It looks quite a lot different ! I like the subtler colours on this.

Couldn't get out last night but I'm hoping for cloud free tonight for Take 3.



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