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M51 - Disappointing

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My first serious attempt at M51 is below, considering its 3 hours worth of data im a little disappointed It was taken using the kit in my signature.

Apart from general feedback I think there are two aspects that may be impacting the final result

1 – I used the Baader Neodymium Filter ( tend to use it all the time now by default on my modded camera)

2 – I think I may have over processed and killed it ?

Anyway imaging details

Lights - 36 x 300 Secs

Darks x 10

Flats x 20

Total Imaging Time - 3 Hours

Thanks for looking


John Berman


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This is fine for a first try. I have imaged this object several times and it is not straightforward and, I was imaging it last night by coincidence! My result is similar to yours although with much fewer subs. as I was evaluating a mount and only interested in its tracking abilities but the problem with my image and I suspect yours too, was the thin layer of moisture high up in the atmosphere which really does make the image noisy.

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Definitely there is no place to be disappointed :D I hope that you don't mind that played a bit with your image.

What I've made was few actions from Noel's pack

- Color Blotch reduction

- Local contrast + Ctrl-Z to get the last layer, then blended the last layer as "soft light" at 20% and joined it with the other layer

- Deep space noise reduction


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Its very nice, much better than any M51 attempt on my part, lol. It is a tad noisey in the original varsion but the versions with reduced noise are very nice IMO......

If it were mine I'd be pleased, thanks for sharing.


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