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Just a quick post to introduce myself.

I have been interested in astonomy since I was a youngster. perhaps 40 or more years now.

I have had three telescopes, sadly only one is in working order just now ... don't laugh but it is a Meade 4501.

I am considering a nice Dobsonian of 10" (or bigger if funds allow) but after a torrid January I will have to wait a while and see what happens, for now the Meade does the job well enough. I broke my camera and lost the scope adaptor last year so no stills available to post just now.

I live in a nice area for viewing if I can just avoid the lights on the roads.

Last month I set up in a local car park and kept getting visits from police who couldn't believe a mad old man would be shivering in the frost trying to view something through what must have looked like a big machine gun (LOL)

Anyway thats me in a nutshell.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Where I am seeing anyone in the carpark is not brave it is a miracle. The night life here conssts of a few cows making noises and obnoxious smells, and the occassional fox scaring the pants off you.:D

Bacon butties would be a lot better than hysterically laughing policemen in the frost.:p

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Once again I thank you all for the welcome. yes if I make it regularly to the carpark I may just scrounge a bacon butty, but I am not holding my breath on that one. I suspect the police dogs will have eaten it before they arrive.:D

Heloo Astro_Imp, us Imps have to stick together eh? Sorry Not from Lincoln. In fact not been there since ... Lord since 1973!!! Wow that is centuries ago LOL

Actually I am a Scouse originally (Sorry folks) But I now live on the island of Anglesey. Beautiful place but a bit desolate at times, except in the summer, when all the tourists and holiday makers arrive. Great clear skies when the weather holds though.

I had never seen the milky way with my naked eyes until I came here. Or should I say I had not NOTICED the milky way before I came here.:p

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