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Skyscout vs GOTO

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My wife and her parents brought me a Celestron Skyscout for my birthday. The thing is I know where most things are already in the sky, and I find it difficult to use. By the time I aim it then try to get the same spot in my RDF I have given up.

I currently use a heritage dobson 130p and 10 x 50 binoculars.

The tube on my scope is metal so I can't use it on or close to the scope.

I am thinking of selling it and putting the money towards a GOTO system or swapping it for a decent motorised GEM Mount.

However I don't think she would be happy as she spent almost £200 on it and gave it a great deal of thought before buying it.

It's only possible to use in dark skies and I just don't know how to tackle the issue with her.

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Oh dear - that's a difficult one - I can tell you how to handle the SkyScout but I'm severely limited on how to handle your wife lol :hello2:

I got my g/f a SkyScout two Xmas's ago - she loves it cos she's into all thing astro too. But it's a twitchy little thing as you say especially around metal and overhead wires. Both of them (g/f and SS) need a lot of space around them lol - she usually finds my first alignment star for me when I set up the scope.

Have you got any kids who might like using it? At least that would keep it in the familly and wouldn't be a big mistake selling on. Meantime treat yourself to a motorised GEM - it'll cheer you up no end :hello2:

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I had a Skyscout for a while (my son used it more then me), it is a good bit of kit but like said before hates metal, it helped me find a lot of my targets and to get around the night sky, but i then decided to upgrade my 130P supatrak to goto and sold the Skyscout to help fund it, the goto works better and gets used more.

The Skyscout is good but i think a goto works much better.

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