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T4 Naglers

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I've just spent some time exposed to a 17mm T4 Nagler with a 90mm Apo under dark skies, touring some open clusters. I won't go into details, but I have to ask - are all T4s like that?

I mean Wow-ey and splendid and comfy and immersive?



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I've only owned and used the 22mm T4 Ant and thought that matched your description of the 17mm. I sold it to get a T5 20mm which is excellent but I do miss the large eyelens and eye relief of the 22mm T4.

Before I made that swap I seemed to read a number of posts cheering on the T520, after the swap all the posts I read seemed to say the opposite ...... always the way isn't it :hello2:

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Hi Ant

I Must say the 12mm Nagler is a lovley eyepiece well worth having the 17mm

is also a great eyepiece, am thinking of getting the 22mm to make the set of the t4

If I was you I would consider Stewart (Rossco) offer last a life time

Clear Skies



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I have the 22mm and 17mm and you won't prise them out of my hands. Clear, sharp and easy to use - beats the pants off the T6.

I won't be getting a 12mm T4 as I have a 13mm LVW which at x181 in my scope is a far better planetary eyepiece.

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I have the 12mm T4, 17mm T4 and the 22mmT4, they are in my view exceptional glass that I use on every clear night that I can get out!

I love my 13mm Ethos but still would nopt part wioth my 12 and 17 T4's


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I might be in a position to get a 12T4 and 17T4 as replacement for my Meade 14mm UWA, which has a slightly tight eye relief (otherwise a fine EP). The excellent performance of the Nagler 22 T4, and its ease of use, combined with the current discount sort of pushes me that way.

Addiction is tragic, innit.

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