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I really would like to be able to view the Pleiades in my eyepiece that is manage to fit all the Pleiades in my field of view. I have a Celestron 8SE SCT and I need to achieve a FOV of 1.3 degrees to fulfil my desire but with a 32 mm Plossl with an AFOV of 52 degrees this results in a FOV of just over 0.8 degrees. I have looked at adding a f6.3 focal reducer which would give me the desired 1.3 degrees FOV but as I read more I see that they are aimed at imaging rather than visual observing and I don’t want to spend a chunk of cash to find I have no benefit but I can’t seem to come up with an eyepiece that will give me what I’m after. I have a few questions that when answered will hopefully lead me in the right direction.

Will a focal reducer work for visual observation and if so what are the drawbacks?

What is a realistic expectation of the FOV achievable with my scope?

Can anyone recommend an EP that will fit the bill?

Will moving to 2” EP’s give better results and if so why?

Have I missed anything obvious?

Thanks in advance.


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Using a 31mm Nagler with a 82° FOV will give you 1.27°


A 41mm Panoptic with 68° FOV will give you 1.39°

Thanks for that. So is 2" is the way to go?


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42mm GSO (Revelation) Superview will give you 1.344° with a 65° AFoV for not a lot of money ... if you can find one.

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If you want a wider view in an 8" SCT you really need to move to 2" eyepieces. I used to use a 38mm 70 degrees super wide in mine which gave 1.33 degrees true field which is about as wide as you can get with the 2" format. That means a 2" diagonal as well of course and 2" filters if you wish to use those with your low power, wide angle eyepieces.

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