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Hello from Sutton :)


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Hi everyone!

Well, i have been a member for a couple of months now and been reading some of the posts, But ive never introduced myself!

I am Gemma, I live near Sutton, Surrey. I have always had a fascination with the night sky since i can remember, but never really gone about 'learning' the night sky until last year when Wonders of the solar system started. I began looking up, and spending more time looking up :hello2: then i started following some people on twitter who really made me more excited about the night sky! viewing some absolutely gorgeous photos of deep space and the planets, It was then that i started thinking about getting a telescope, but being a single mum to 3 squids funds were tight. Then my father in law died and i inherited his old binoculars! which i have used every cloudless night so far!

And now since my birthday and xmas i have managed to raise enough funds to actually buy my first telescope! Have a lot of help from someone on twitter (pretty sure he is here too lol) But i am so useless and cant make up my mind on anything!

My partner has just invested in a DSLR so hoping to grab some nice shots of the beautiful black too :hello2:

Anyway.. must stop rambling lol.. One of my habits!

Nice to meet you all and hope to learn a lot from you all!


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Hi Gemma and welcome to SGL.

you'll be getting a lot more than just black in those shot's you'll be taking :hello2:.

best kick any habbit's you have as you'll be needing the money to fund your AP addiction, trust me you'll get the bug once you see your first decent image.


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Hello Gemma and welcome.

I'm not a million miles away from you in Epsom and used to live in Sutton - I sarted viewing from there as well, not far from Sutton United's flood lights, so I know the light pollution well!

Any questions, just ask - we all love to help.


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Aww thanks for the warm welcome guys :hello2:

Unfortunately yes I did fall for the Cox's charms haha :hello2: I have been given both wonders books for my birthday! So have a lot of reading to do :hello2:

And I'm not near sutton football club, but am near Sutton arena! But I complained to Tom brake about the floods lights being on when it wasn't it use and they have since been turning them off 4 out 7 nights a week! :-) so well done to me lol.

Thank u again for the welcome.

Ps sorry it's short, on the iPod touch so just quick replying so u don't all think I'm being rude ;)

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Hi Gemma and welcome to the forum.

You must be one of at least five female stargazers that have joined today - just when us guys think we have the place to ourselves look what happens:D:D

Yes there is a lot of choice out there requiring all needing a different size of budget. It general, the dobsonian type of scope represents the best value for money, namely the largest aperture of scope per pound spent. This means that some of 'toys' like GOTO and tracking are missing but that won't stop you seeing loads and having a great time. It's what you see through the scope that counts. What ever you decide or narrow it down to, please share your ideas with us and we can help ensure that you are buying something decent that actually does what it says on the tin - or should I say scope!

Clear skies in the meantime.


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