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Hello from Newcastle


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Hi I'm Lana, I have been on SGL for about 3 weeks but I never officially said howdy! I am brand new to the hobby with a pile of books to read :hello2: and I am sure I will be asking many questions over the next few months! Planning on going to the Kielder Aumun Star Camp and I can't wait!

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Hi Lana and welcome to the forum.

You can never read enough as there is so much going on out there in the night's sky. Do you have any kit yet or are you doing some research first before buying?

Clear skies


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Thanks Everyone! I don't have a telescope yet but I think I have decided on the Sky Watcher Explorer 150P going to look for a second hand one if I can :hello2:

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HI Lana and welcome from me too

Good luck with the choice of scope - do you have any binoculars? as they are a wonderful way to orientate yourself with the skies. Ask away with the questions - Someone a lot more experiened than me is sure to help!!

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Hi Lana,

Welcome to SGL. IF you are interested, the Newcastle AStro Society is having a talk on thursday on the Solar Corona, solar flares and sunspots. On Saturnday, (26thMarch) we are having an observing night. You don't need a telescope to join in. You can find more information about the society here:

Newcastle Astronomical Society: Home

We've also got a Newsgroup that you can join. We organise most of our observing nights through there:

newcastle_astro : Newcastle upon Tyne Astronomical Society

Everyone is extremely helpful and will be happy to show you their scopes and look through them. We've got a really good group going! :hello2:


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