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CCD and the scope


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I am looking at getting a Philips SPC900NC- SPC880N Converted for Astrophotography cost about £40 but i am not sure if this is

a) a good price

:hello2: a good unit to use or is there better

c) a good idea at all..... i already have a DSLR but i though it would be easier to show the family live on the computer ?

Anyone got one and using it in anger ????

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a) Define converted? If it's on eBay, don't buy it.

:hello2: Not much better sub £200 :hello2:

c) You can't get the frame rate (search for image stacking) from an SLR - you need a webcam

Look through the threads in here, there are lots on this cam. You can pick up the bits you need to get started here Buy Cheap online from Morgan Computers and then you can decide once you get more into it if you want to go the whole hog and do SC1/SC1.5 mods

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I've recently been using mine with Metaguide. There is a setting you can use to do frame integration so it will effectively increase the sensitivity of the camera to enable you to see more through your scope. This means you may not need to do the long exposure mod.

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