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Hi for the first time - Need help


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Hi every one i am Manny ( first vlog :hello2:). I was coming to this site over 4 months now and i feel now is the time to join in.

in the start you helped me to get my head around telescopes and mounts and all the busines asound my new hobby - THANK YOU !!!

i just need advice:

i am going to have look on skywatcher 130P tonight ( second hand )

it will come with motor and case with 4 lenses ( 2,5,15,20 mm)

the whole lot is for £140. i like the scope, just perfect for me, as a beginner i feel this is superb peace of kit. just need a bit of reasurance that the price is ok.

thank you

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Hi Manny and welcome to the forum.

Having had a look at First Light Optics website, this sounds like a good buy but what is not clear from your description is what is meant by "it will come with motor".

This tube (130P) can be attached to various motorised options:

- 'Synscan AZ Goto' 130P(£285) - this will find and track your selected object.

- 'Supatrak Auto' 130P (£230) - this will track the object you have found using motorised control.

- 130P on an EQ2 equatorial mount that has one motor that will track the object once you have found it using manual controls

You can see that all three options use the same optical tube (130P) but the bargain you might be picking up will vary depending on the degree of motorisation. Personally I would only go for either of the first two as the price will be between 60% -75% which is standard for the used market. I wouldn't worry about the 2mm eyepiece, it will be unusable on this scope. One last thing, all motorised kit will need a power supply and although batteries are fine, in the cold evening air they won't last very long especially if you are slewing the scope around all night in pursuit of those galaxies!

Hope that helps.


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Hi James,

thank you for your advice. Sorry i was not clear about the mount.

It is on EQ2 it is with just the tracking motor. I do not think i will use the motor, i just want look at the sky and make my way around the planets and stars, galaxies .......... with ny hands.

the scope is in grat shape ( cheked the mirrors and it look ok ) just need to play with the Alignment.

thank you Manny

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Hi, and welcome.

Like you I was a lurker, spending a lot of my time still absorbing as much as I can.

Sounds like a good deal, can they demonstrate it so you can take a look through it yourself?


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thank you for the welcome. its great to be here.


i will take the scope home tonight try it and pay later :-)

hope the weather will be ok tonight.

thank you again for the advice and amazing welcome :hello2:

PS: i think will ask loads of questions in near future

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