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It's DONE!


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Many said that I would be disappointed but passion is PASSION and it never disappoints. On the first of May, my husband and I will be departing from Montreal to Florida. Like a cherry on a Sunday, I kept the best for last by spending a full day at the Kennedy Space Center.

I know,. I could have stayed longer but my husband has other passions and I fully respect this. Bush Gardens? Really? Say it isn't so. :hello2:

No, no,... I truly respect all passions! Truly I do!

I booked "The Ultimate Experience" which boasts:

;) Round-trip transportation from designated locations in the Orlando tourism corridor

B) Lunch (make that a banquet lunch) with an Astronaut

:hello2: Fully narrated and guided Discover KSC: Today & Tomorrow tour of the Space Center by a tour guide

;) Ride the G-Force trainer and feel the pressure of four times gravity

:D Unlimited access to the Visitors Complex exhibits such as IMAX Space Films Rocket Garden, Robot Scouts, Universe Theater, Astronaut Encounter, Exploration in the New Millennium, Early Space Exploration, Nature and Technology.

:hello2: Kennedy Space Center NASA Bus Tour with stops at the Observation Gantry to see the launch pads, and the Saturn V exhibit area.

;) Admission to the Astronaut Hall of Fame

So,.. did I forget anything?


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Lunch with the astronaut sounds a little bit,... intimidating. I'm just a lowly little backyard enthusiast who is just learning the ropes! I'll be sharing this one that's for sure with the whole forum,... Pictures and all!

Thanks everyone!

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I am so thrilled and am thinking of taking pictures and video so you can all visit my posting when it is done. This will be the best day EVER!

As for the seat on the the seat on the STS-124 mission,.. only in my dreams. Mind you, I have motion sickness driving a couple of hours in a car so I don't think the mission would be right for me.

3D film about the Orion nebula? That sounds brilliant and I hear that they have something really special detailing the Hubble Telescope as well.

The astronaut banquet will be interesting but I hope it won't be too awkward,... I'm just a gal with a telescope!


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