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Hello from Wakey!


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Welcome to the forum.

Now time for a stupid question, what does FLO stand for? Like a dummy I typed it in and got tons of different things. I see a lot of people mentioning it though

first light optics, tab at top of page.

they are the sponsor of the lounge and sell equipment at fine prices :)

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Hey, thanks for the welcome guys - I'm feeling the love! B)

Nice to see so many other local folks on as well! I'm checking out Leeds Astro Society at the moment, they seem to meet on the other side of Leeds - but it's not too far away, I just struggle to get out in the evenings - having the kids and all. Guess I need to build up some brownie points with the better half :grin:

Moreso as she doesn't yet know the size of this scope... anyone know the storage space needed for a 200P Dobsomian, I've read somewhere that they're about 1.3m high, with a 50cm diameter base...?

Thanks again for the welcome


Welcome to the forum, im new here myself and from wakey too but I live in north barnsley now. Have you had a look at the west yorkshire astronomy society, there based in Pontefract so not too far away, better than north leeds anyway, i think thats our nearest one anyway.


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