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Hello from Leicester


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Hello SGL,

With most searches in google related to astronomy producing links to this forum, I decided it would be a good idea to sign up and find out what its about!

I recently borrowed a small 76mm reflector from a friend, which, whilst very humble, has given me a wonderful start looking up at the stars, already within a few weeks I have acquired a taste for astronomy I don't think I'll ever quench!

I like to ask lots of questions and hope they will be welcomed.

So thanks SGL for having me and a big HELLO from Leicester,

Karl Wilkins

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Hi Karl and welcome to SGL - from Leicester too :hello2:

As you get into the forum you might like to consider joining the East Mids Stargazers social sub group. We meet regularly at a dark site near Jct 24 M1 for observing, and we organise various astro and social occasions. Cick the link in my signature for furhter details :hello2:

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Welcome to SGL Karlos,

This forum has been invaluable to me since becoming interested in Astronomy. Any questions you have dont be afraid to ask, theres always someone willing and able to help...:hello2:

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Thanks all for the speedy and welcoming comments! :hello2:

@Brantuk, thanks for the advice, I will certainly join the East Midlands group and look into the dark site meetings as visibility here in central Leicester is extremely poor.

@Magic77, that is good to know as I will be asking the seemingly silly questions most newbies ask! :hello2:

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Hi Karl and welcome to the forum.

Going along to one of the brantuks observational evenings would be a good experience to understand what is possible to observe and what you might need to get going on your own observations. Interesting to see some of this kit close up if you are thinking of having to travel to a dark site.

Clear skies


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