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Hi All,

Was just wondering as I am a Newbie can anyone please help me.

I am aware that the heavens are plotted down to exact coordinates to assist target finding.

Can anybody recommend a data source for these elusive coordinates, such as a CD-Rom or book or even a website with downloadable information.

I apologise if this has been asked a million & one times before, but as they say you can't make omelette's without breaking a few eggs.

Cheers Ian

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As Caz has suggested the Starry Night range of software from Auntie Flo is pretty good...Just hold the curser over an object and it will give you the RA and DEC coodinates...And a lot more.

Or go all posh with the Pro version and it will control your GOTO scope... 8)

You could actually do all your observing from your nice warm living room without having to venture outside...But then that's cheating :rolleyes:

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I suspected that modern technology would have seen to it that sort of stuff would be made available as digitally stored media or programs as the case is proving to be.

There was however a chance when I started this thread I was going to be ultimately lead to a set reference books of an incomprehensible size, although I am in no doubt that such gigantic epic encyclopedic documents do exist.

I thank my lucky stars I am alive & kicking in the 21st century & basically have it there handed to me on a plate & do not have to mess around like the pioneers of astronomy did way back in the year dot.

But what I find most astonishing it that out there as you all know is a blumming big place & what we have come to know (some of us less than others in my case!) is only just a scratch in the surface.

But some right clever dicks, even perhaps hundreds of years ago began to plot these celestial coordinates down.

The dedication, maths & skill these old boys had defies belief & I appload there efforts.

Is that Elgar I hear softly playing in the background!

Cheers Ian

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