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My 1st attempt

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Hi guys

Ok, nothing special, still waiting on Scope to come on Wednesday so thought I'd just try a quick shot with my camera with its standard 18-55mm lens, couldn't see the image through the viewfinder.

Just a single exposure of 6secs held free hand hence the slight wobble on Sirius, couldn't believe you can actually see the red of Betelgeuse and Aldebaran.

Any suggestions to help improve my technique would be welcome.

As I mentioned my scope will be here on Wednesday, then I'll be able to start some serious imaging.


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First of all, nice picture. And amasing for not using a tripod. I tried by hand also, but i can't hold it steady at all for 6 sec.

It's rather dark, but you've got more details in it then you probably think.

Hope you don't mind that i played a little with your pic in PS.

I'm not very good at getting details out of a pic like that, but i Did get the stars a bit brighter to show what you've actually captured. :hello2:

Take a look here to see what you've captured:



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Cool thanx Jannis, don't mind at all. Didn't realize that I'd caught so much stuff.

Well, scope has arrived and been assembled, christ it's heavy, car has been kicked out of the garage, there is no way I'm lugging that thing in and out the house all time. Its now living under a nice dust cover.

Will be out tonight if the clouds stay away, and if they don't sorry guys thats my fault. Not sure if its all set up properly yet but will see later.


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