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My first Saturn attempt (kind of)


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Ok, this is my first real go at Saturn as the first one was overexposed. I'm having a bit of trouble getting castrator to align my avi fully so have ended up with a much smaller stack than I wanted. Still I'm happy I managed to get something even if it's not as pretty as some of the others.

There is probably loads more stuff I can try anyway but for now here is the first edition :hello2:



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Thanks guys:)

And yes, I would dare say that Saturn probably does stroll off a couple of times.

Good tip, I will look in to that thanks:)

Off to learn how to use vdub now.

edit: even with cutting the frames I still get about 15 seconds of saturn and minutes of nothing.

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Thankyou everyone :hello2:, I'm quite happy with it.

It was only 335 frames too but I have worked on getting better alignment in my avi and have managed to get much more out of it (thanks to Stuart) :hello2:. Might have an updated version soon.

And I used Registax 5.1 to do the stacking, it's a process I still need more practice on though. I have only stacked Jupiter once and now Saturn.


Here is one with about 2000 frames.


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