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Stars the same size, but planets bigger?


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This is probably a ridiculous question to most, but if I look at a star through my 15x bins they're the same size, why do they not appear 15x bigger?

The moon and planets increase in size, so why not stars?

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Thats an interesting question, but based on simple facts, the stars DO appear 15 times bigger. Its just that 15 times bigger than a very very small point is still a very small point the difference in which you as an observer cannot discern.

I also suspect that the 15 times increase is in brilliance and not just size - I bet you see MORE point sources with the bins than without. You are capturing more light with the glasses than without.



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Interestingly if you look at or image stars in a bigger aperture telescope they actually appear smaller. You are not seeing any detail of the star but it's diffraction pattern which is narrower with large objective lenses. If two stars are closer together in the sky e.g. with double stars, a larger aperture will resolve them more readily.


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