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EQMOD/EQ6 with 64 bit W7 Home Premium?

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I've had a quick search and not found any major problems, but before I spend real money on a new computer, can you confirm there are no major issues running ASCOM/EQMOD/EQ6 on 64 bit W7 Home Premium, or what I should do to ensure pain free installation?

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Hehe I have W7 HP 32bit working with ASCOM and an EQ6 at the weekend. Only issue I had was with my ATIK 16ic and the FTDI driver (latest bug fix version). Everything else went fine (running on my old MacBook Pro, 2.4GHz C2D, 4GB, SSD, under Parallels 6).

I tried the same on W7 Ultimate 64bit but ran into issues. Will try this again. It's running under my mac mini under parallels 6 too but that's not the problem. The Mini is 2.66GHz C2D and 8GB hence the 64bit. I think drivers are slowly appearing for 64bit.

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I have windows 7 ultimate (same as the others with pointless extras :hello2: ) 64bit on all of my machines and everything runs fine.

I run: EQMOD (mount) | PHD (guiding) | APT (camera control) | CdC (star map) without an issue. I tried using Stellerium instead of CdC and it ran ok until the beta software that connects to stellerium and eqmod kept crashing. Software issue IMHO.

The hardware will be the limiting factor but I'm sure a new lappy or desktop will be absolutely fine.

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I'm running a Toshiba i7 64bit home premium laptop and I have the following running with no issues:


FTDI USB > Serial Drivers

QHY5v drivers

Hitec EQ-Dir adaptor

Canon 5DMkII, 7D and 40D via USB and Serial shutter control

Stellarium, CdC, APT, AstroJan, Phd Guiding, SharpCap, SPC900 webcam and a heap of other programmes without problems.

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