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Evostar 80ED DS-PRO

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Can anyone tell me the parts I need to connect my Canon 1000D to my Evostar 80ED DS-PRO f/7.5 ? I already have the T ring and extension to fit my LX90 and thought this also fit my Evostar but obviously dosn't.

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If it has an M54 thread inside the focuser like many Synta scopes:

Adaptor M54 to T2 - low profile

or anything similar (I'm just quoting the TS website because I can locate things easily there).

Otherwise, if it's got a good 2" eyepiece adapter, you can always by a T2 nosepiece (the Baader ones are very good):

Baader Adapter auf T2 (M42x0,74) für 2' Steckhülse - Fokaladapter

On the focusers that have an ugly long thing sticking out of the draw tube for 2" eyepieces, if there's an M54 thread inside and you want to get rid of that ugly thing, there's this:

TS Adapter auf 2' mit Ringklemmung für Skywatcher Newtons

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I thought all the stuff i used with my LX90 would work on my refractor as well. The visual backs are a bit different.

there are several options to chose from

OPT 2" to T-Thread Adapter - OPT Telescopes

Orion 2" T-Adapter - 5269 - OPT Telescopes

Celestron T Camera Adapter Universal 1 1/4 Inch - Telescope Accessories at Telescopes


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I'd also think about the focal reducer/field flattener before you go too far. I think these are screw-on in the case of the SW refractors but I don't have one so can't be sure. The reason I say think about it now is because the chip distance (flattener to chip) has to be respected and any bits you buy would be better with this in mind at the outset.


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Thank Olly , your the second person to recommend this , it's a bit pricey at around £160 but I'll see I I can get a used one first .

It does make a big, big difference, especially if you are a DSLR imager with a large chip. Corner stars won't be so good without one. Also the speeding up of the f ratio is far from trivial. 20 percent is a lot in that context.


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