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Hello.I have a great set of Japanese T ortho's which I use with my maksutov.I am now selling my Antares W70 set of eyepieces.I will be looking to buy two wide field eyepieces to use with my Williamd 66mm.I am thinking that the Meade series 5000 plossl's would be an improvement ovewr the Antares.Any thoughts or recommendations.The idea would be to have a complete grab and go kit with the 66mm telescope.All accessories in on box.

Thanks Martin.:hello2:

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Hi Martin, I have not tried the Meade 5000 series but i recently upgraded all my 4000 series to Baader Hyperion's and am really pleased with them. Nice 68 degree field FOV and really sharp. I was torn between the Hyperion and the Meade 5000 series at the time but can honestly say i am very happy with what i bought. The only minor criticism i would have would be the size and weight but overall they have a feel of quality.

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The Meade Series 5000 Plossls are generally considered a bit of a disappointment based on comments I've read over the last few months.

The Series 5000 SWAs and UWAs on the other hand are well-respected eyepieces.

I'm very impressed with my 24mm Meade Series 5000 SWA.

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I have a full set of the 5000's and like them alot, they are great in my LX90 and Evostar 80ED DS-PRO

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