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transporting telescopes

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Hi all,

Just wondering how people transport thier telescopes/mounts by car? Do people make/buy cases for the OTA or would most simply use the packaging it arrived in?

I am trying to decide between a number of telescopes, but the relative issue of transport is a bit of concern-I have some good dark skies only five-ten minutes away by car, (my view from my garden is fairly dark-but also fairly restricted due to tall trees and other houses).

Im swaying between the: Skywatcher 127 GO-TO Maksutov Cassegrain telescope, and varying apertures of a reflector such as:

Skywatcher Explorer 200P (with EQ-5 mount)

Are there cases to buy to house something like the 8" reflector? Ive seen cases that would suit the 127 GO TO scope before.

Does anyone have the dimensions of the OTA for the skywatcher 200P by any chance?


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the 8" reflector will fit across the back seat of any car I should thing and you could use the seatbelts to strap it in. I get my 12" dob in my car and this is a 60" tube.

I use deflated air beds and such to provide a 'bed' for my scope and this stops the sideways rolling, the length of the thing prevents fore and aft movement.

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The bean bag idea sounds like a great one if you haven't a case...Currently, we put the mount in the boot, along with a bag of all the necessary paraphernalia whilst I sit in the back of the car holding on to the scope. Not the most elegant solution (and would not work if you're on your own), but no mishaps so far!

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I took my SCT to my astro club meeting not thinking about how I would get it there safely.

I foolishly thought I could strap it in the front seat like some attentive little puppy dog ?

Some journey that was, driving one handed round bends "just in case"

I'd seen a few people had used modified toolboxes for their OTAs so I decided to make one myself.

Slightly different, but just as robust.

I actually have another post showing photos here



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