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how do i spot satelites in the sky?

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i know this may not be intresting to you people when more beatyful things are floating about in the sky but i cant stop thinking how a satelite will look... ive got a 200mm telescope... would i be able to see it?

what are the conditions needed for me able to see a satelite?


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Satellites travel across the sky pretty quickly so I think you'd struggle to see them but there are plenty up there. With you having an iPhone 4 I presume you have the Star Walk App? That App shows up sats in your area so you can see them clearly. They usually just look like stars but travelling at aircraft speeds. If you can see stars you can see sats.

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You will notsee detail on staellites, they are too small.

Easiest way to "spot" them is to stand outside with a set of binoculars round your nexk. Simply look up and around and eventually one will appear, then use the binoculars.

They do appear and disapper as they exit and enter the eartjs shadow. So can start there track from nowhere.

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Last week I had an airliner go through my scope view, I could see the portholes!

Yes, i'd love to see that, especially if i was observing something bright like to moon so i could see the hot vapour trails disturb the atmosphere and consequently the image, and then watch as the turbulance settles back down.

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I've seen a number of satellites moving through the FOV when I'm observing. It's quite a jolt and you think that the chances of it happening would be very small, but it's happened to me a number of times now.

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