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The super moon with a nikon DSLR


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Hi everyone,

Here is my attempt at shooting the super moon yesterday. It has been more than 2 years since I made a lunar image. 200 shots with a nikon D90 pulled through registax, touch ups in PS CS5. Telescope was a TeleVue Np101 @ f/16.2.

I have tried to proces the colours to show the different rock sediments on the surface.


med sized resolution here:


Hope you like it!

Many regards,


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Well done pieter, nice image, You have done a better job than me with the processing here is my attempt-

All sizes | Moon Final. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gone abit overboard wih the colour in my one but, yours looks spot on, you shoud be pleased with that!

Yours is very good! The colour on the right hand side is good, but a little oversaturated on the left hand side. You could fix this easily in PS I guess.



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This is excellent! It seems to jump off the screen at you! You have really captured the luminosity and shine of the moon at the eyepiece and the colours look perfect! Well done.


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Lovely pic! Lots of details, and colours looks nice. :p

That was 200 frames? You stacked then as jpg, tif, or raw?

I still wonder hwo mine will turn out when AVIstack is done stacking my 1300 jpg pics in about 8 more days... :D

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