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Strangle lights in sky tonight


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Saw some really stange lights in sky tonight - 1st sighting 11.19pm then again around 11.53pm - near Reigate, surrey.

11.19pm sighting: First spotted this formation coming fron north to south-east around 11.19pm - there were 4 lights in a diamond pattern moving slowly across the sky, with 3 in a line behind. All had a dim red glow and were slowly pulsating red a few had whitish lights. 2 of the 4 in a diamond moved closer and further away but still kept a similar formation. They didnt have any standard flashing lights or make any noise. They took about 2 minutes to move across the sky. Roughly from where i watched they flew near hercules cluster. I caught some of them in a long exposure frame. You can just make out the white one and a dim red parallel line below

About 2 mins after they dissappeared over horizon 2 planes followed in their general direction.

11.53pm sighting: 2 of the red pulsating lights same as above came from the south and headed north as if they turned around and came back. Again moving slowly, no noise. Grabbed camera and put lens back on and tried to take pics, not great pic but you can just make out red dots in the other pic.

They certainly were not chinese lanterns, and very much doubt satellites as seen both many times and certainly not the same.

Anyone else see anything similar?



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There has been a fair bit of Transatlantic activity related to events in Libya, the formation could have been aircraft accompanied by a tanker. They won't necessarily use standard anti-collision lights when on task. It's not a given that you can hear overflying aircraft either.

Cheers, Ian

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May well have been - strange/interesting sight whatever they were.

Just noticed this morning that 3 of the red light trails can just be made out in the long exposure frame - 1 right next to the white trail, 2 lower down.

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