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Hi David

Good shots - and have you tried taking a number (say 80) then stacking? this might help the grainy black background to be a bit more silky. Great effort for your second time out! (you should have seen the mess i created on my second outing!).



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about stacking, be awere it will take time with full res images.

My server is currently still working on stacking my ~1300 images of the moon, even if they are jpg, and the process started 3 days ago, it still sais remaining time is 9 days... :hello2:

But, i guess it probably wouldn't be needed with That many pics stacked though, but oh well... :hello2:

On topic, very nice pics, and good focuse! :hello2:

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Hi, I'm a total beginner and as yet haven't purchased a telescope, however I have been stargazing with binos and the naked eye. I'm interested in the photography side of this also.

So what exactly is stacking? please excuse my ignorance, but as said I'm brand new to this.

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