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H-alpha full disk 19 March


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The tuning seems to be okay. Hope the images show this. It is just a matter of tuning the single stack so that it is evenly enhanced then tuning it double stacked the same so it is even. There seems to be a sweet spot balance between the two but will never be 'perfectly' enhanced evenly across the image from what I have found so far. I try to keep the poorer area out of the main activity to draw the eye away. If you have any suggestions or observations, I am always interested.



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Based on the work I'm currently doing with a SM60/ PST double stack, I think you could get even more surface resolution. Your full disk images don't give you the opportunity to "show off" the maximum detail I think you could achieve. A couple of close-ups at f25-f30 would be nice. I've mentioned before the methods I use to detune each etalon to give minimum bandwidth, so it's really a matter of trial and error with your set-up.

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I've tried the detuning method for enhancing certain regions and it does seem to work well. For the full disk though, as close to overall 'evenness' of the filtering remains the goal although it is at the expense of sharpness of individual features. Hope to try a bit more of the close ups when there is more consistent cloud free weather. Been a bit iffy this early in the spring for long stretches of clear skies to experiment with. Thanks for the reminder to keep working on it!

The full disks are one shot. The skynyx 2.1 has a chip that just fits the full disk which is a nice combination on the Lunt60.

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