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help veiwing saturn please

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cheers sooren

i know where its supposed to be but i think i was having trouble ligning up the scope !

complete newbie problems i think !!

Hey stick,

Any luck finding Saturn, yet?

I saw it again this evening through my scope.

I always locate it with the Red Dot - standard 25mm WA first.

Then get the x2 barlo, again with the 25mm WA.

Then move onto the 10mm with x2 barlo but tbh it looks better with just the x2 barlo + 25mm WA.

I always start by looking on Stellarium - Stellarium

And getting a rough idea of where it 'should' be. Then just start hunting for it.

Red Dot finder makes it a very quick & easy process as well.


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Sure have Ace101 !!!!

blimey its a cracker

got this photo with only the 10mm EP, x2 barlow and my iphone so not the best quality but it looked amazing to the eye

Could easily make out the shadow of the rings on the planet and at least 1 moon ( i assume it was Titan)


I got so caught up looking at this amazing planet i was there for 90 mins !!!

Showed the missus and even she was impressed !!!!!

Brilliant night for a newbie !

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Hey Sticks,

Thats awesome mate. Its a majic moment indeed seeing Saturn with your own eyes. Really brings things into prospective. . .

no pun intended!

Thats a great image considering its taken with an Iphone of all things, I take it you just held it up to the view finder?

And to share the moment with the missus is all the better.

My dad actually went round to the neighbours first night we saw it. They came over as well just to take a look. . . lol

Wait for a very clear night and try to find M42, Great Nebula of Orion. Thats pretty amazing as well, when you do finally find it. Pretty tough for me an took quite a while.

On a really good night with near perfect conditions I can just about make out the Nebula from my back garden. . .


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I saw Saturn for the first time last night, using my SW 130P with a 9mm Celestron Omni Plossi and a 2x barlow.....amazing!!..at about 1am. I was ready to give up and had stopped changing my ep's to search for it so I still had the 9mm in when I thought I would try one more through the finderscope. Homed in on this star and looked through the scope and there she was in all her glory, straight away with the 9mm!!!...I nearly fell over!!...Disc and rings with a definite seperation between rings and planet, also a moon to the bottom left, Titan??

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Something else I found from my first go, once you have located it by eye it can be very tricky to actually point the scope at if your finder/red dot sight is not correctly aligned so I would advise making sure this is done if you haven't already. Spent 15 mins trying with my scope and then found it in about 2 minutes in my mates with a properly aligned finder.

We had already located it by eye which is the first part of the battle.

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Hey Sticks,

Thats a great image considering its taken with an Iphone of all things, I take it you just held it up to the view finder?


yes Ace, just held to EP

took a bit of patience and had several goes to let phone focus but got there in the end

not the best pic ever but not bad for a first effort on a phone !


Edited by stick
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Saturn will be at it's best on the 3rd April 2011 with good dark skies the ringworld will be shinning all night long at +0.6 in the constellation Virgo, this is because Saturn is at opposition, closest to our planet at a mere 1290 million kilometres away and opposite the Sun as seen from earth.

I hope my scope arrives before then :D.


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I think it was jahmanson in another thread said you could bulldoze the neighbour's house. :D

I did qualify that by saying that it might adversely affect your relationship with your neighbours ....... just a bit :p

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Being a beginner myself, I have found reference points to help lots.

For me, Saturn is behind the house at the bottom of the garden, and just a little left of the aerial.

Also a compass !

Good luck.

brilliant scarlet exactly how i find some things or point them out.

im a beginner myself and saw saturn 4 the first time last night


but the best thing was,me and me dad were havin a good look at it,when me dad shouts me mum out to come and have a look.so i get saturn in view 4 her and stand back,she then proceeds to say

"its moving its moving...DAVID DAVID SATURN ITS GONE!!!!! whats happened to it"

i was in tears laughing,absolutely classic moment,a night i'll never forget,nor ever let mum.ha ha

clear skies and njoy every1

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