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Imaging session interuppted by something very special


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Hi there,

Back on Monday night 07 March I was trying to get a set of subs of the Rosette before it was lost below the western horizon for another year.

At about 01:00 the missus started getting heavy contractions; she was pregnant and due in another 2 weeks.

It was a strange feeling, that I was so pleased to finally have a clear moon-less night with imaging opportunities, then this happens !

Anyway, the result is that I only got about 1hr worth of subs; 4x5 RGB one-shot colour, and 4x10 mins through HA filter. Shame about the lack of coverage over the frame ; but for once I am pleased this image was cut short: We had a beautiful daughter born only a few hours later!

Below, some comparisons of the image, and the night environment to show the sort of light pollution we have. Was quite a productive night, even if the image doesn't say so !



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