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25x100 Binoculars

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I'm kicking around an idea to get a pair of big bino's at the moment for some spring / summer DSO sweeping. I've got a really tall and solid alt-az mount at the moment and it's a pity to waste it's capacity so I'm thinking of trying some 100mm straight through binoculars up there (the mount head can be 7 feet off the ground if needed !).

I've not used bino's of this size before (20x80's are my largest so far) so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Is this lunacy or is it likely to prove fun ? :)

Obviously I've got a nice 4" refractor but I gather that large aperture bino's offer views that are quite different :(

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Just go for it. They seem so come up for sale at £125 to £175 every few weeks. As long as you look after them you can sell them on...

I have some 20 x 80 and I have looked through 25 x 100. They bring in more DSO's still give the 3D feel but the FOV is of course smaller..

Bring them to SGL6 as I would love to try some again..



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