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please help...........

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recently i purchased a 200mm skywatcher telescope eq.... my god does the moon look impresive....im kind of a newbie at this whole astronomy thing but even then i decided to buy a big telescope... now, i looked at orion nebula and i seen the clouds....

ill be honest... i was expecting to see more.... like colours and i dont know.... swirls?

anyway, ive always said i dont want to get into astro imaging becasue slr cameras cost a mighty ammount of money and ill probily do it when im alot older and have more time..(im 20:evil6:)

the thing is ive recently found out that there is a cost effective way of doing it which involves a web cam...

please someone explain.....

thank you

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I know what you mean, the first time I looked at M42 (orion nebula) I also was a little disappointed, especially after seeing so many images of it before hand, it's basically down to the human eye not being able to take in the light efficiently enough,

However once you connect a webcam to the scope it's a whole different story, the most used webcam is the Philips SPC900NC/SPC880, best thing you can do is have a search on here for either cam, there's loads of threads about just them cams, when it comes to buying one have a look Cheap Pre Flashed SPC880 CCD webcam bundle - 47842 - discounts & offers=

Good luck and happy reading...

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