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Unparking my Mount from defined position, losing its bearings

Mick UK

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In EQMOD i have defined a postion for parking, which when i park, my mount goes there no problem, but after i Unpark at my next session, then slew to a target, my mount seems to be going in the wrong direction and gets no where near it.

My mount is pier mounted and is spot on at going to its targets and tracking them perfectly, but for some unknown reason, this happens every time i go back to my mount the next session.

Its as though, ive defined it park position at say 12pm and then why i start the next session another day, say at 7pm, its going to where the target would be at 12pm...very strange.

I should add, that once ivbe moved the scope so that it has the target in view (slackening the clutch levers and manually move the scope to the object, then at the end of the session, i park to defined parking place, it goes back to the correct parking place again)

Anyone any ideas please?

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Steve, ive just checked, you do have to "unpark from defined position"

I assumed that EQMOD would have know the last place you parked to and just automatically unparked from there.

Thanks for the advice..much appreciated:hello2:

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