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Sorry peeps got i got a few questions about upgrades

If you had a choice between heq5 pro and a cg5-gt which one would you go for and Y ????

i'm using a sw 150p at the mo

i will want to add a guide scope to the above , any suggestions ???

is it possible to use sw 150p as guide and get better frac for imaging so i could use either scope or would you just use 2 frac's 1 gude 1 image ??? :)

Cheers Dan

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Have to disagree with Earl_UK I'm afraid - I'm using the CG5-GT and am very happy with its performance and control it from the computer. It's basically the same as the EQ5 Pro - this is what FLO has to say about it:-

The Celestron CG-5 GT is essentially the Skywatcher EQ5 PRO (made by the same company) but features a heavier duty tripod, quality ball-bearings in 'both' axis and the more sophisticated Celestron GOTO alignment routine.

Includes the all-important ST-4 guide port for autoguiding.

My choice was dues to a tight budget - the CG5-GT being cheaper, and I'm not dissapointed. The only upgrade I would now consider is to the EQ6 for its extra load capacity - but only if I create a permanent observatory - too heavy to be lifting in and out all the time.



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