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eyepiece viewing through a newtonian

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Can someone enlighten me on something please. When you turn a mount to look at something, I am finding that the viewing eyepiece goes to odd places, like directly on top, or directly underneath, or sometimes anywhere that it seems biologically impossible to reach. Is it feasable to undo the o rings around the scope and turn it to a comfortable position, or should the eyepiece area always be in a place where viewing is ok, again a learning kerb for me as I am now understanding that rotation etc of an EQ mount takes some getting used too. Thanks again from a very keen but very slow newbie newtonian handler.

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I find I can loosen the rings on my scope just enough to allow it to be rotated in the rings without having it slip up or down on its own. You do have to watch that when you rotate the scope, you don't slide it out of balance. If you want to look at something above 70 degrees or so, it's a good idea to tighten one of the rings enough to prevent it slipping under its own weight.

You can buy ball-bearing rings that allow easy rotation of the scope, but they are very expensive.

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I posted this in your first-light report as well...

Check the rings for any bumps or sharp bits, and check the camera adapter bolt is tight in it's thread (or remove it completely - safer!).

Then you won't get any nasty scratches when you rotate the tube.

What you can also do is get some extra rings or a set of embroiders rings (search on eBay for cross stitch) and clamp them on the outside of your existing rings. Then you can rotate the tube safe in the knowledge it won't slip!!


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