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Capturing the moon


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Hi guys,

I understand the moon is going to be at it's closet distance to earth tonight and I'm after a few tips on the best way of taking pics of the moon using a Dslr, i.e what settings should I be using, and how to get the best results,

I have a canon 550d with 70-200 f2.8 is lens

Many thanks


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The hardest part is getting a sharp image - have you got a tripod? - If so that makes it easier.

Presuming you have a tripod then I would take the following steps:_

1. Switch to manual and switch to manual focus. Use mirror lockup and the timer

2. Get the moon centred in the viewfinder and zoom in to 200mm.

3. Use Liveview to focus - using the X5 and X10 zoom to get as good a focus as you can.

4. It's a bright target so go to ISO100 and stop the lense down a bit - something like F5.6

5. I reckon at those settings you should be looking at an exposure of about 1/100 - trial and error to get the best result there.

6. Click away.

N.B. - I recommend the mirror lockup and timer as this lets the camera vibration settle down between each shot and prevents the mirror motion from causing blur.

Hope this helps



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