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help witt focus with low profile crawford

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hi all last night a had a few issues with the crawford low profile focuser, and Skywatcher 2 inch T Adapter now i have a 1.25 adapter for the cannon eos 300d and that worked fine now i put the 2: adapter on the 300d and could not get focus at all i pulled the tube on the crawford low profile up and down and in every possible place now either te 2 inch t adapter is to long or am doing some thing wrong a willl had some pics later today what a want to no is can you get a shorter 2"t adapter or does the craford some how screw out i was use in the 12"dob and had no joy just wanted to photo the moon but no joy at all so what am a do in wrong i can provide more info if needed as a said a will had add some pics in the next hour to show the problem thanks pat

the 4 pics starting from the top

1, shows sky watcher 2"t adapter that i can not get to focus

2,1.25 : adapter fitted to ring this as no probs works fine

3,2 inch and cam atached to scope with lenght of gap

4,1.25 : fitted with gap

any help or should a get a new 2" short adapter ? any recomedation price is not a prob of any 2" a want one

thanks pat

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I have the Skywatcher low profile focuser, and last night, initially I had difficulty getting focus with Canon 1000d + T ring + 1.25" fitting T-adapter. Then I noticed the T adapter was not sitting fully in. When in sat in a further approx half inch, I was able to focus. I just looked at my T adapter and it allows the T-ring to be very close to the focusser. I notice that other T adapters have a greater gap between the focuser and the T-ring.

So it appears to me that to get focus with my 10" dob, without eyepieces, I need to get the camera as close to the focusser as possible.

Hope that helps to solve your problem.

I did managed to get pictures of the moon last night but it was not as sharp as some of the other efforts using other imaging techniques on this forum.



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hi i did get focus with the 1.25 inch as you say it can get closer it was when i put the 2 inch adapter in am not sure why but the 2" skywatcher is real long it may not be made to use with the low profile focuser am not sure nut its a good few inchs longer i ended up use in the 1.25 inch heres a pic of the moon i got and a will post the pic up of my prob

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