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Plate solving and EQASCOM


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I'm trying toreduce my setup time, and I have reduced it quite a bit but I know I can go a bit further. I now have access to online astrometry which will plate solving an image and tell me what the co-ordinates are for the middle of my camera's field of view (pretty much instantly). This will reduce the need for me to actually find and then centre specific stars.

How can I use this for alignment of EQASCOM?

CdC allows me to sync EQASCOM to a specific object, but I want to just give it some co-ordinates, possibly of empty space, to tell it where it is pointing. I know this is possible as other programs use it, but have no idea how to do it.

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You have presumably done a go to on an object, so CduC and EQASCOM thinks the scope is pointing at that object at location (r, a). You then plate solve and find you are actually pointing at (R, A).

Presumably you then want to change CduC / EQASCOM's coordinates to (R, A) and synchronise.

In theory it should work since I believe EQASCOM just stores the coordinates along with the "gear positions". Sadly, I can't think of a way to do it.

Why not try posting the question on the Yahoo group forum?.


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I asked in the EQMOD group as suggested and someone has kindly written me a quick VBS script which does exactly as required (and correctly summised above).

It's available for download from the group if anyone elsewants it.

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