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First ever moon with iPhone


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This is my first ever moon photo infect it's my first ever astrophotography pic

Taken with my iPhone held up to the lens on my nagler 12mm t4

I know it's pretty poor compared to all the others on here but frankly I don't care it's my first pic and I'm proud of it



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Great first image!

Not an easy task with a phone either I bet.

I would recomend it minor tweak in a photo manipulation programe though...just try dialing back the brightness and maybe increase the contrast just slightly and you should be able to bring out a bit more deatail yet.

If you don't have one try this free one GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

Also in regards to your focus problem...it all depends on the scope you have? With Newts I believe you can move the secondry mirror. Thats all I know about that I am afraid.

HTH :)

Keep up the good work!


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That is very impressive, and an ingenious method of photography... What iPhone do you have?

It's just my old 3GS mate it's took a little while to get the position right and I tried it with Saturn but couldn't get it to work

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