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Marks on the camera

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I've just been trying out an Atik 16iC I bought a few weeks ago from a fellow SGLer.

I could see these marks on th ecomputer screen when I started taking images. Presumably it is stuff on the CCD sensor, since when I changed filters the marks were still there and in exactly the same place. Any idea what they are and the best way to get rid of them?



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Yes, they're dust motes.

You could try cleaning the sensor itself but that is a very tricky operation. Depending on the design of your camera, there might be a clear 'window' in front of the sensor which is much easier and safer to clean than the sensor itself.

If the cleaning either can't be done or still doesn't get rid of all of the dust (some dust particles are usually very stubborn) then the conventional way to counteract the dust on the image is to apply flat frames to the image during the calibration stage.


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it's dust/dirt on the sensor, yes, and it's very normal actually. even the smallest dust (as in, the size that you can't usually even see with only your eyes) will show up rather big in the pic.

i don't know about your camera, but for my DSLR with APS-C sensor i use sensor swab with eclipse cleaning liquid. it shuold be working fine for CCD too, but don't know is there's a different type of liquid more suited for your camera then a normal DSLR sensor.

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