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Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan

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I was hoping you could help me out, I have been having trouble setting this telescope up (newbie), The GOTO system it asks for coordinates of where I am so I used google maps not to sure if I put it in correctly though, so after doing that it then asks to aglin with the brightest star or 2 stars, so when i got to that I use that software to see where the stars are to where i am standing, i select a star and then it says slew to object or something like that how do i know where to move the telescope to? that is where i get stuck, I thought it would track it by its self lol, The only thing i can find is the moon!

Please help :)

here is a picture by the way that i took with a sony compact digital camera of the moon first time using this telescope.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Hello Amazing,

The coordinates of your position should be entered as per scope manual:

"Enter the telescope's current latitudinal and longitudinal position using the numeric keypad.

First enter the longitudinal coordinate, followed by the latitudinal coordinate. Use the scroll

keys to choose between W or E, and N or S. Pressing the left or right directional keys will

move the cursor to the previous or next number. Press ENTER to confirm. The format you

enter should look like this: 123 04’ W 49 09’N."

Note: If your position is east of Greenwich meridian you should enter xx xx' E instead of xx xx' W. Google Earth coordinates format is xx xx.yyyy - you should use only "x" digits.

Enter correctly current time and your time zone.

About alignment - Using your software or Google Earth - Sky (the tab with Saturn on the upper bar) it's better to write down on a paper figures of the constellations with names of the brightness stars (3-4 stars per const.).

For this season you may write down figures of Orion, Leo, Virgo, Canis Major and Ursa Minor for example. Now when you will be asked to slew the scope to one of the listed by hand controller star you will find its position easy.

Opposite method is to check the offered by hand controller list of stars for star alignment, write them down on a paper and check on the PC where they are.

Unfortunately it's expected that scope's users have to know and to find in the sky as minimum 5-6 constellation and names of their brightness stars. So in the begining it's better to spend much of your time learning the night sky treasures (where to find, what are they, etc.).

Enjoy this great scope,

Good luck!

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Two things I would add - learn the names/positions/movements of the Winter Triangle (and Summer Triangle). I use these a lot for aligning any goto system that asks for alignment objects.

And... Make sure you enter the date in US format "MMDDYY" - note: month first :)

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I found that whilst we all should be learning the names of the stars it doesn't matter too much when aligning, you only really need to identify the 1st star. Once you've centred and on that and confirmed its position, let the scope slew to the next bright star. You will be able to identify which one it is even if it's slightly off position just by looking along the scope. Use the direction controls to centre that star and repeat if using the 3 star alignment process. - Works for me

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Google earth comes up in this format xx-xx'xx-xx"N x-xx'xx-xx"E the telescope comes up in this format xxx-xx' E xx-xx' N

To find a star I should be ok with this Stellarium software that i can take outside with me to use on (iphone) so say i spotted one, I just manually find it with the scope and press enter and centre it, then select the next star and it finds that all by its self?

and i am guessing that the telescope format goes like this (xx-xx' N) xx-xx'xx-xx"N <---Ignore the last four digits and (xxx-xx' E) x-xx'xx-xx"E <---ignore the last 2 digits on this one

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"I found that whilst we all should be learning the names of the stars it doesn't matter too much when aligning, you only really need to identify the 1st star."

Yup - I agree with Malcolm entirely here - you just need the first star - unfortunately that's allways my sticking point - I used to get the missus to tell me one using her Sky Scout - which made me lazy and I started forgetting stars - so I had to learn them again lol - half a dozen should pretty well cover the full year hence my suggestion of the triangles :)

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Here is a tip.

Use two star alignment method

Choose first alignment star Betelgeuse in Orion which is easy to find .

Choose second alignment star Mizar which is a double star in the Plough, then the scope automatically slews to this and you will know when you have got it in view because you will see two stars very close together.

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