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First Light Skywatcher Skyliner 250px FlexTube


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Just a brief go tonight as i have things to do this evening and a Full Moon does not help the cause.


I have no collimation tools so I take it as out, and not worth worrying about.

Carry it out of the garage, extend, take the caps of done.... Oh how simple is that compared to the EQ6 (even if just using the handset, not that I do that LOL).

Aim !

I put the guide scope on, pointed it at the moon, put my 32mm in.. opps a touch off, so after aligning the finder more or less to the main scope, a beam of light is emanating from my eyepiece, I have a look down, DOH, didnt put the moon filter on im now half blind, I sort that out, after a few mins I can see out of my left eye again, back to the 32mm, re align the scope (not used to this part it took a few trys to get the feel) I get a nice full disk, focus is a bit iffy, im not used to manual focus, there is very obvious shimmering around the edges of the moon.

I Play with various eyepieces, barlows, the best view imo was with my 20mm.

Off to look at other things, Betelgeuse was very Orange nice, down to M42, now with the full moon and light pollution it was just a hint of a nebula, trapezium was easily visible (32 mm).

Move over to the pleiades, I was a little disappointed with these, but with the Full moon everything is washed out so im expecting a little to much.

Something I notice, the Centre of the FOV is slightly blurry, when I move my head back from the eyepiece I can eventually see that this is the Secondary, is this due to collimation?

Overall im pleased, the price was right (i picked it up of ABS it was on the buy and sell here also but only after I saw it there) and this will be nice to use when my imaging rig is doing its thing.

Im not sure that a 10" is really worth been a Flex, but it does make it able to fit in a car easy enough (not that I have one LOL)

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