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PST Webcam Imaging


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I'm grinning from ear to ear having just received delivery of my brand spanking new PST :) And the clouds are starting to thin... Is it too much to hope I'll be able to use it today?!

Ok, so before spending this large sum I did a fair amount of research, looked at buying secondhand, and read around the subject a bit. Given how well the PST holds value secondhand I figured that for not much more money, the peace of mind of a 5 year warranty was worth it.

I also found that if I want to image using it, and of course I do, then mono is the way forward due to the make up of the colour ccd matrix lacking sensitivity etc. Now buying a new mono camera was right out after the PST purchase, so I thought that sending my spare SPC880 to astronimiser for the basic mono mod, was the way to go. "Only" another £60, by far the cheapest option for mono I could find.

Then this morning I discover that the SPC cameras can't achieve focus without a barlow, due to the ccd being set so deep inside the camera body... DOH! Oh well, I'll wait and see how it goes with the barlow / try rehousing the camera, but it seems like the ccd needs to be ~ 5mm outside the PST EP holder? That seems to be a tight looking at the guts of the one I still have here... Anyone got advice about this issue?

Also, do I want to use an IR blocking filter when capturing video with the PST? Or is the scope going to get rid of that anyway?

I can't wait to try it! I've been lusting over solar images on the forums here since I started, and now I finally have my very own solar scope! :(

And in the time it's taken me to write this blue sky is starting to appear! :p x10000

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Coronado/ Meade designed the PST for the visual observer.

Trying to attach a camera to the black body can be a royal PITA!

You can remove the lower section of the eyepiece holder (if it will unscrew easily...remember this will void your warranty!) - it contains a secondary UV-IR filter but not mandatory for imaging. This will give you around an extra 20mm backfocus.

The only alternatives are a low power barlow or eyepiece projection...

Welcome to the bright side!!

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