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Sky Watcher Skymax 150 Pro - Newbie Help Pls

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I'm looking to buy my next scope and being a relative newbie to all of this have finally narrowed down my list of possible scopes to the SkyMax Pro 150 on an HEQ5. I currently have a SkyWatcher staryer scope.

However, having finally made this decision and looking around to get one, I'm a bit confused again. Does anyone know if there is any difference at all between the Gold colured one and (what I think they they call) the 'Black Diamond' one? I know it's not much of a technical question, but also the same scope seems to retail with either one eyepece supplied at 2" and others sell with 2 of 1.25" eyepieces (9mm & 20mm), yet as far as I can tell the scope is exactly the same :)

I just don't want to trip up at this final stage. Appreciate I could always ask a dealer :(

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The "old" gold ones took 1.25" eyepieces. The "new" black ones will accept 2" (and of course 1.25" with an adapter) eyepieces. There are also differences with the threads at the eyepiece/focusser but I don't know the details - it only means that you have to check with your supplier when buying screw-on adaptors etc.

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