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I (May) Have Seen The Light!!

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I have been researching EPs and finding it hard work because of a general lack of experience so far with Astronomy !!

I would like to explore whether - for me - it is better for me to bypass EPs (apart from what I have and perhaps a 32 and 40 cheap SP) and put a camera on the Telescope for laptop viewing including remotely.

What cameras are out there that would fit the bill and actually save me the cost of all future EPs?

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The Canon 1000D is popular and has live view which is great for helping focusing. Pretty good for imaging dso's. But you'll be taking snaps rather than viewing live as you would through the eye piece. A webcam is great for planets.

But for the sort of viewing I think you're talkng about then research the Minitron and Watec cameras. They can be used to project an image on screen and you can set the refresh rate. I saw one of these used to great effect at Kelling last autumn. Also for really great advice give Bern a call at Modern Astronomy and tell him what you want. Really nice chap and full of sound info :)

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