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Thought I would sign up to this forum, as I just got interested in all of this kind of thing, read some reviews on here about this telescope Skywatcher skymax127 goto?

So I got it in the post today! cant wait to use it

I see it came with a VGA cable that connects to the remote, does anyone on here know of a link to down load a particular software for it preferably free? Thanks

also i was wondering about what view finder sizes are good for things like close objects like the moon for instance.. and which is best for far out distances.

....Also it said on the manual never to look at the Sun with it, is there a certain filter you can buy for it so I am able to look at it?

Many thanks ! :(:)

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Hi Amazing, welcome to the forum :(

I think you will be able to control it via Stellarium, its a free software programme and is very good, you can buy a special filter for observing the sun have a look on FLO's website at the top of the page :p

for the viewfinder, do you mean the eyepiece's?, you would use some that are at the low power range ie 32mm and for higher powers you just lower the figure ie 25mm or at very high powers you may get down to say 6 or 7mm, that range will give you powerfull views of the Moon and planets. :)

Hope that helps

good luck with it ;)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are sun filters you can buy as mentioned above OR you can make your own using Baader solar film which isn't cheap but is a lot cheaper than a purpose made filter for your scope. Both of these systems will show the sun as a white disc and will reveal sun spots. You won't see any prominences as that will require a specific scope designed for that purpose such as a 'PST' or a special filter that can be attached to certain refractors, but both are fairly expensive options.

On the question of eyepieces (which is what I think you were referring to) may I suggest you post that question over on the beginners help and advice as I'm sure you will receive a better response from those who have your exact same scope. Personally, I would have a play around with the eyepieces that come with the scope first to see how you get on and possibly join a local astro society/club where you might be able to observe with others who can then let you use their eyepieces to see what you like to use. Eyepieces can be a subjective experience especially with regards to eye relief (how close you have to look to see anything) and what might suit one person might not suit another.

Clear skies


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